An expression is a way to express meaning. For example, if you were to shoot someone, that would express to them that you do not like them, but giving them a flower may express that you like them. The meaning in these examples is "I don't like you." and "I like you."

In math, meaning, and it's expression, is all about numbers. The most simple way to express a number is to simply say it. For example, you could express $4$, $25$, or even $29485$. Each of these expressions are very frank. You just come out and say what you mean. If $25$ was an obscenity, and you told it to your waitress, she would have no trouble figuring out that you were insulting her.

You can also express numbers by action. Instead of expressing $25$ straight out, you can express $20 + 5$, or $10 + 15$. Both of these express the same meaning, which is $25$. This is like a clever way of putting an insult. The waitress will have to do some computation before she comes to $25$ and understands that she has been insulted.

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