A number is the meaning of math. Like words, numbers have meaning. Big and giant are two words that relate to the meaning of size. If were were to stretch this example a bit, we could say that the number for big is 42 and the number for giant is 420. Both of these numbers could refer to size, and as you can easily see, 420 has a meaning of "bigger than 42".

To stretch this example further, Freekin' huge could be assigned the number 42000. Compared to 42, 42000 is a freekin' huge number.

When we refer to numbers, we are only talking about the meaning (or value) of a number. The word used to refer to it can change. For example, big in Spanish is grande. It doesn't matter what word you use to represent the value of the number, its value remains the same. Words and symbols used to refer to the value of numbers are called numerals.

Even Numbers

An even number is any number that is divisible by 2. Even numbers are commonly considered opposite of odd numbers.

Odd Numbers

An odd number is any number that is not divisible by 2. Odd numbers are commonly considered opposite of even numbers.

Numbers in Game Programming

In most game programming languages there are usually only two kinds of numbers : integers and floating point numbers. Integers are numbers that represent one whole unit. Floating point numbers have a decimal fraction (or, to put it simply, a decimal point).

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